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Why online recruitment?

Jobseekers keep faith in on-line applications

With a 55% application success rate through the Internet, it’s clear jobseekers are relying more and more on on-line recruitment in their quest to find that next career move, according to the UK’s leading Internet recruitment service, Here we look more closely at this timely shift, drawing on the results of a 250 jobseeker survey carried out through candidate newsletters.

Real-time versus newsprint
It’s becoming ever more apparent that jobseekers are reluctant to blacken their fingers with newspaper print when it comes to finding new employment. Somewhat surprisingly for some, only 13% of GoJobsite’s 250 respondents considered newspapers to be the easiest medium through which to look for jobs, and when asked, just 22% found the most success in applying for jobs that they found through newspapers.

In contrast, an impressive 82% of jobseekers considered the Internet to be simplest way to source new job opportunities. And 84% listed the Internet as the easiest way to apply for jobs, with 55% listing it as the route to enjoying the most success for job applications.

A gradual, but definite process
GoJobsite’s managing director, Keith Potts comments: “This is extremely encouraging news for GoJobsite and the rest of the online recruitment community alike. These jobseekers are maturing with the Internet, and as more internet-savvy professionals enter the jobs market and experience the benefits of online recruitment, on-line recruitment methods will gradually become their first choice route to progression.

“Not surprisingly, on-line applications are rapidly growing in popularity amongst jobseekers; indeed, the fact that over half of the survey respondents consider the Internet as being the most successful method to apply speaks volumes.”

Other places that jobseekers considered easiest to look for jobs were:
through ‘word of mouth/personal recommendation’ (4%) and the trade press (1%).

In the ‘easiest to apply for’ category, were newspapers (11%), and ‘word of mouth/personal recommendation’ (4)%.




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