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ADManager and HRExtranet Login



Pricing & Terms


HRExtranet is a low cost ASP solution and is charged on a monthly basis. The solution price depends on the level of functionality required.

System Prices: Examples

The entry-level system which includes web buiild, posting to the company site, a basic application form, and media buying services can be provided for £2500 per month.

The full system which incorporates the ability to post vacancies to external job boards, full candidate relationship management, scoring and sifting of applications (inc. psychometric testing as an option), inclusion of online tools for preferred supplier recruitment agencies, the ability to operate across multiple coporate divisions, etc is £4000 per month.

Of course, we’ll work closely with you to establish the degree of functionality necessary to give you that strategic edge in the highly competitive recruitment market.

Other Services

We can provide recruitment process re-engineering consultancy at a rate of £1000 per day. Often a company's processes need to be re-engineered as part of the strategic decision to move recruitment online.

We can also provide media services to properly enhance your online presence. Remember that it is good media advice that often means the difference between success and failure online. Our media services are available on a £500 per month retainer basis plus agency commission and other variable expenses.

All prices are subject to VAT.

For all pricing enquiries, and to discuss terms of business, contact Marcus Thorne on 0870 774 2007.

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