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Function & Benefits

HRExtranet: taking care of your on-line recruitment needs, from start to finish.

HRExtranet will provide the recruitment solutions you need, both on a strategic and practical level. Take a look at the benefits listed below, then scroll down to see how its key components span the entire on-line recruitment process.

  • Simplifies process

Makes the key business process of recruitment much easier, and enhances the effectiveness of the HR function.

  • Reduces costs

Improves business profitability by significantly reducing recruitment costs accrued from media, agency and HR administration.

  • Superior candidates

Raises the chance of attracting and selecting a higher calibre of candidate. A recent HR Portal survey with recruiters Nigel Lynn, showed that five-times the number of people expect their next job to come from a jobsite, than who actually got their current job that way. Which means that more and more people will be seeing your vacancy.

  • PR for your company

A strong recruitment profile enhances the image of your company in the eyes of potential candidates, and the wider community.

  • Greater reach

By moving some or all of your recruitment activity on-line, you can reach a wider pool of potential candidates. And contrary to popular belief, this spans all age groups, not just people under 25.

Moreover, relationships with candidates can be nurtured. Even those who fail for one job may be good candidates for another; you’ll be able to keep their details safely logged.

  • Speed

The speed of recruitment can be dramatically increased, and communication with candidates can be speeded up, reducing the risk of early attrition.

Key components:

AD manager:

Post vacancies automatically to approved jobsites, and allocate job slots and media budgets Response tracking system
Response filtering
Preparation of management reports
Cost per CV tracking

Vacancy manager:

Enables the creation/change/deletion of vacancies
Summaries of vacancies, with candidates’ responses
Reports on candidates’ scores
Allows vacancies to be sanctioned for advertising
Detailed summaries of applications, and their status in the recruitment process

Application Manager:

Tracks the progress of candidates through the recruitment process

Communication Manager:

Organises e-mail messages between you and your candidates
Highlights the need for action
Ensures that candidates are kept aware of every stage in the process

Agency Manager:

Monitors agency performance
Accessible by users and agencies

On-line Application:

Allows candidates to search your vacancy database
Provides a comprehensive on-line application form, including copies of candidates’ CVs
Scores applicants according to predefined scoring templates
Includes psychometric testing for candidates with high scores

System Set-up:

System promotion internally within your organisation
User training and support
User IDs and passwords for vacancy management
Contracts for media buying with Job-sites
Scoring templates for each job type


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