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HRExtranet: the ultimate on-line recruitment management system

What is it... and how does it differ from ADManager?

HRExtranet is a comprehensive, 'end-to-end' on-line recruitment management system for Employers and Recruitment Consultants, that can be tailored to meet very specific requirements. Included within HRExtranet are all the proven capabilities and strengths of our successful ADManager software solution.

How does it work?

A job vacancy is entered on the system, and within minutes can be posted to literally dozens of jobsites anywhere in the world.

Once an advert appears on a job board, candidates can be driven to your corporate web site, where they can be put through a standardised application process, or invited to email their CV – from which information can be digitally extracted. Once candidates have applied communication with them is quick and easy.

And what can it do?

Highly efficient and quickly implemented, HRExtranet has a multitude of useful features, performing all the functions of ADManager, plus a great deal more. It can:

·        manage job vacancies, as well as communications with candidates

·        post job vacancies to multiple job sites

·        manage applications from candidates either via a bespoke application structure, or through the automated extraction of CV data

·        be fully integrated into any existing website and HR processes

·        automate the earlier stages of sifting and selection (prior to interview), by scoring algorythms or on-line psychometric testing, through user-defined criteria. The highest scoring candidates can then be Fast-Tracked, so they’re not lost to your competitors.

I always need to recruit by this time yesterday. How can HRExtranet help?

Our record for successful appointment so far stands at three and a half hours. We launched the HFC Bank site at 9am, and they advertised and fast-tracked a candidate to attend an interview at a regional branch of the bank for 12:30pm the very same day.



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