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Implementation of HRExtranet in HFC Bank plc

HFC Bank moves recruitment online

(short listed for Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2003)




On behalf of HFC Bank (HFC), HR Portal has implemented a streamlined recruitment process that works with recruitment consultancies.  This maximises the benefits of internet technology, namely lower costs, higher calibre candidates and a considerable saving of management time.


HR Portal’s solution comprised building a new HFC careers web site ( and implementing its HRExtranet software. This enables HFC to filter and sift all applications (all now online), manage communication with candidates and accurately measure the performance of their preferred recruitment consultancies.  


HR Portal's solution for HFC is also viewable at




HFC’s recruitment process was suffering:

·         it was very slow and expensive (£2.5m p.a.)

·         it differed across branches and recruitment consultants

·         assessment was inconsistent

·         branch managers struggled to deal with the quantity of CVs and applications (they recruit c.1000 people p.a.)

·         candidates were kept waiting too long: some joined the competition before HFC had time to assess them!


Client Objectives


HFC was very clear on the benefits to be delivered from a streamlined recruitment process. The solution had to:

·         harness the capability of the internet

·         significantly improve candidate assessment and management

·         save £500,000 p.a. (i.e. 20% of existing costs)

·         reduce staff turnover (by recruiting better suited and higher quality staff)

·         improve selection day pass rates of candidates from 75% to >90%

·         cut one week from the recruitment process to give back 800 productive weeks to branch managers




HR Portal’s Solution


HR Portal created a specific careers website ( as the portal for HFC to advertise vacancies and accept online applications. HFC requires all applications to be made online (including those from its chosen recruitment consultants). HR Portal tailored its own HR Extranet software to:

·         advertise vacancies on the best job sites

·         sift and sort online applications via a three- tier process (“killer questions”, skills scoring, and psychometric testing)

·         manage and fast-track good candidates to interview




HFC’s objectives are being surpassed in many areas:

·         vacancies are far more effectively advertised

·         applicants are committed (as they have to complete an online application), and are of a higher quality (following sifting & testing)

·         candidates are equitably assessed (against common standards)

·         candidates are not being lost to the competition (quicker response)

·         branch managers’ time is more effectively used

·         costs are falling in line with targets


Client Verdict


“HR Portal is a very valuable partner. It has simplified a complex system and put vast amounts of technology at everyone’s fingertips. There is no going back from here – the improved speed and efficiency add so much value to our recruitment process.”


David Smith, Head of Human Resource Operations, HFC Bank.







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