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Media Manager cuts through jobsite jungle

Recruitment consultants can cut through the online job jungle with HR Portal’s new Media Manager service that:

• minimises media rates with job sites
• selects the best job sites to maximise exposure
• handles all job postings and candidate responses
• saves time and administration aggravation.

HR Portal specialises in online recruitment business solutions and media buying.  Placing around 250,000 job ads a year, it knows what media should cost and the most effective sites for a given type of vacancy.  By going straight to those sites that yield the best candidates, HR Portal saves recruiters considerable money, time and effort. 

Media Manager customers can cut their overall online advertising cost by using HR Portal’s negotiating skills and sharing the economies of scale it enjoys with the media.

“Recruiters know candidates are looking online for their next job but don’t know how to capture them,” says David Silverman, managing director of HR Portal.  “Corporate employers are particularly prone to errors of judgement as they don’t have the time or resources to research the ever-changing job jungle each time they have a vacancy,” he explains.

The Media Manager package combines media selection and buying with HR Portal’s highly respected ADManager job posting and candidate response software.  The cost is competitive to the point that the software comes free if the right combination of services is selected.  “Media Manager can seek candidates, promote vacancies and match people to jobs quickly and cost-effectively,” says Silverman.  “The marketplace is overcrowded and confusing, but with Media Manager the element of chance is greatly reduced.  A significant number of high profile agencies are already signed up to our service and many more are set to follow.”

For more information on Media Manager visit or call Marcus Thorne  on 0870 774 2007

Media contact:
Katherine Selby, HR Portal Press Office, 0870 774 2015


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