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ADManager now grades candidates apps

ADManager leads the charge for Quality Candidates

HR Portal announces today that it has developed a method within its industry-leading ADManager software to help identify the job sites which typically generate the highest quality candidates (for a specific type of vacancy).

The new method is to be trialled with all ADManager users over the period to Christmas subject to the disclaimer below. A successful trial will lead to a full roll-out (with full reporting capabilities) in January 2003.

How will it work?
All candidate email responses will incorporate a "Good, Average, Poor" (GAP) header - 3 buttons (green, amber, red). After the response has been read the consultant logs a grading for it by using the appropriate button.

ADManager will collate the GAP grading results and gradually build a picture of which job sites typically produce the highest quality candidates for different types of vacancy (by client). This will mean that future media selection can be even more accurately done with quantity and quality measures both being used. This is an industry first.

HR Portal is looking to see if an automated tailored reply can be sent to each candidate who is graded by this means. For example, gently declining poor candidates, or perhaps fast-tracking good quality candidates to interview. This requires further client consultation. It should be possible to meet specific client requirements in each case.

The quality profile picture that is built up will be available in report format. The exact reports have yet to be defined. This forms part of the trial.

If you would like to comment on this new functionality please email


HR Portal will be making its GAP email header available to all its ADManager clients ON A TRIAL BASIS. The trial will last for the period to Christmas 2002, with the intention to fully roll-out the final version during January 2003. The system has undergone extensive internal testing but it can really only be tested to distruction "in field". HR Portal needs to assess the product on a large scale usage - to help test the system's integrity and allow the development of valuable client reporting capabilities.

As this is a trial HR Portal cannot warrant that the usage of the GAP header will generate any usable information for the client during the trial period. However, the client will be contributing to the ongoing development of ADManager and therefore will be helping to keep themselves ahead of the competition.

In knowledge of this disclaimer the use of the GAP header to grade candidates during the trial period is deamed to be an acceptance of the trial's limitations. You may wish to actively decline its use in which case please email


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