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Candidate Management

Want efficient candidate management? HRExtranet helps select and assess… but that’s not all.

What would you term as ‘effective vacancy management’? The delivery of a list of scored and screened candidates? The tools to send them through an assessment process? Recording of all communications with candidates throughout all stages of application?

HRExtranet does all this and more. Its highly advanced candidate management tools include:

• A facility to view, print and amend areas of the application
• Reports on the sources of candidate applications, as well as on who they are (including policy/compliance checking; age; sex and ethnic origin reports)
• Automated credit and reference checking.

It all means an easier life for you. Look below for some more on how HRExtranet can change the way you manage candidates, from the moment they see the vacancy, to final selection:

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How can HR Portal help employers to gain access to a better, wider pool of candidates, save you time, and reduce campaign costs?
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HRExtranet - Overview
What is it and how does it work?
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HRextranet Features and benefits
Summary of the features and benefits of HRextranet.
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HFC Careers
A walk through of the state of the art recruitment platform developed for HFC Bank.
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