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Your website is your shop window. We’ll make it look good.

Your recruitment website, whether just a few pages, a microsite or an independent stand-alone domain, should reflect your company’s values, and give a flavour of what it would be like to work there. An effective recruitment site is one that's:

• Well designed. It must be distinctive, communicate clearly and draw people in.

• Uncluttered with marketing and sales messages. It’s a recruitment site primarily, and although it can also act as PR for the company, it’s important not to put potential candidates off by a heavy sell of your products or services.

• Technically robust. It needs to have strong functionality to withstand a large number of visitors and applicants making heavy demands on it. A recruitment website is no use if it keeps crashing every time a few people try to apply on-line.

• Straightforward. Too many bells and whistles can turn users off. Things like interview advice can be good cosmetic additions, but are not always staying true to the main purpose of the site – to get the best people through the doors in the first place. Potential candidates are looking for a quality database, with plenty of up-to-date vacancies that are easily searchable, and ideally the option to apply on-line. Anything on top of that can either be a bonus, or distracting.

So how do you tell what’s right to go in your site, let alone set-up the functionality and design to create it? That’s where we come in. Click below and see how, with our technical expertise and market knowledge, we’ll enable you to get a strong web presence in no time at all.

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