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Recruitment surveys

On-line surveys provide on-line market transparency.
So we can help you see your way forward.

Get straight down to grass roots; find out what others think of the jobsites they’re using. As well as gathering data of actual vacancy transactions by jobsite, we periodically run surveys with clients and candidates to measure other aspects of the on-line recruitment market – which means we can help you to:

• Source the best jobsites to advertise specific vacancies on
• Find out how much you should pay for jobsite space (in relation to their effectiveness)
• Understand the needs of candidates
• Optimise jobsite design (both corporate and stand-alone).

HR Portal are here to help you get a better handle on the on-line recruitment market. Click below for some survey results, and find out how we can use previous market experience to point you in the right direction:

Banking & Finance Job Site Survey Results
Conducted jointly with Nigel Lynn Associates, one of the leading recruitment consultants in the sector, we asked 3000 candidates what they thought about online recruitment.
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Which Job site? We tell you how to choose.
At last, a proper performance measure exists to help select the best job sites - "responses per job post". For a given type of job all job sites can now be assessed for their ability to generate real responses to vacancies. We show you how it is done
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Consultants: What does HR Portal offer you?
Turn a threat into an opportunity; as businesses and recruitment goes ever more on-line, we show you how HR Portal can help you stay one step ahead.
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Media Owners: What does HR Portal offer you?
HR Portal can give you access to the vital information you need to offer a more competitive service to a broader range of clients.
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Employers: What does HR Portal offer you?
How can HR Portal help employers to gain access to a better, wider pool of candidates, save you time, and reduce campaign costs?
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